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A great day to visit Grandma!

After getting all the residents of Grand Paws Retirement Acres pre-approved to visit the assisted living facility - it was time for Tank and Sadie, two of our seasoned Golden Retrievers, to head to Fairbanks to visit mom! It was a heartwarming adventure to the Denali Center. These senior pups brought smiles and much love, delighting everyone with their joyful antics, especially Grandma! 🐾


They had the pleasure of meeting Rita, a lovely resident at the Denali Center. She captivated them with Bible stories, including one about a donkey, and they listened like grandchildren with wagging tails, wholly engrossed in her storytelling! 📖


Their day wrapped up with a visit to Mom's roommate, Tracy. Sadie in particular, was utterly enchanted by Tracy's affection, basking in the warmth of her love. It was a day filled with joyful connections and heartwarming moments.


After their adventure and a two-hour journey back to Delta, Tank and Sadie were exhausted. They were tired but happy babies, dozing off with memories of a day well spent spreading love and joy! 🐶


Heads up for some thrilling news! The American Red Cross has approached Grand Paws Retirement Acres for a collaborative venture. It's time to bring our pups out and spread joy!


Your donation to Grand Paws Retirement Acres is a crucial part of our efforts to enrich the lives of both dogs and people, fostering a community that values compassion and care for our four-legged friends.

We are an Nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3) EIN 85-2397209

We added a new coloring page for you based on Tank and Sadie's visit!


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