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Updated: Jan 5


January Birthdays

A Canine Celebration! Move over, human birthdays!

January at Grand Paws is all about celebrating our furry friends.


Honey, the Matriarch of the Pack

Queen Honey is turning 13 on January 16th, and she's still loving her senior life. Sure, arthritis might have stolen a bit of her swagger, but nothing can dampen her enthusiasm for telling everyone what to do and playing fetch with her ball. She's also taken on a new role: chief instructor for Ruby's Mischievous Tricks 101.


Lucy, Forever in Our Hearts

On January 17, Lucy would have turned 16 if she were still with us. Although she passed away in April, Lucy left an indelible mark. She was such a driven girl, she taught us lessons in determination and the art of living fully. We miss her wagging tail and unwavering spirit dearly.


Pup-Dates: The Scoop on Our Residents!


Hoss: The Comeback Kid

Hoss has pulled a 180, gaining weight and embracing life again! He's picky about his food, but hey, who can blame him? A special bowl and some tender loving care are doing wonders for this resilient pooch.


Izzy: Seizures Can't Stop Her

Izzy is embracing her seizure medication with remarkable gusto, keenly aware that a delightful liver treat awaits her post-medication! Truly, Izzy is an adorable little gem savoring every moment!


Tank: Winter Wonderland Enthusiast

Tank, the Golden Retriever, is a bona fide snow enthusiast! He's thrilled at the mere thought of frolicking in the winter wonderland!


Gunner: The Bathtub Tycoon and Master Thief Extraordinaire.

Gunner isn't just a connoisseur of tub naps; he's also the four-legged Houdini of household items. If you find yourself wondering where something has disappeared to, don't call Sherlock – just follow the trail (or should I say "tail" of mischief, and you're likely to catch Gunner in the act!


Sadie: The Love Bug

Sadie is the heart and soul of affection in our home, a true ambassador of love. She's an expert in the long, loving stare, generously doling out adoration with her eyes. Since joining our pack, her journey has been remarkable, and we're bursting with pride!


Honey and Ruby: The Dynamic Duo

Honey, the alpha queen, still dictates the daily agenda. Meanwhile, Ruby, the Einstein of the group, has figured out the art of hiding for treats. Behind the couch? Check. Moaning for secret treat? Double-check. It's a strategic masterpiece.


Dog Training Tidbits:

Consistency: Because Dogs Love Routine (And So Do We) Consistency is key – just like your morning coffee or that one show you've seen 15 times. Dogs thrive on routine, so be the director of your canine sitcom. Whether it's meal times, walks, or bedtime, stick to the script. Think of yourself as the Steven Spielberg of the dog world, minus the dramatic lighting and special effects.


Recipe Box:

At Grand Paws, we believe in treating our canine companions like the royalty they indeed are. So, why not pamper your furball with our "Royal Peanut Butter Delights" – fit for the doggy aristocracy!

Grab a mixing bowl and combine 1 cup of whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup of creamy peanut butter (without xylitol, which can be harmful to dogs), 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce, and a sprinkle of love (optional but highly recommended). Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to create shapes that make any doggie critic drool. Bake at 350°F until golden brown, and voilà – you've just whipped up a treat fit for the most regal of canines! Now, your kitchen ensures that even the dog treats are a taste of the good life, just like ours at Grand Paws Retirement Acres. Cheers to you all, and happy baking and tail-wagging delight!


Coloring Masterpieces:

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with our delightful collection of coloring pages, perfect for the young and the young at heart! We're adding fresh designs every month, so be sure to circle back for new splashes of fun. Just click on any illustration to dive into more colorific adventures!



As the year wraps up at Grand Paws Retirement Acres, we want to send a gigantic, tail-wagging thank you to all our supporters who made 2023 a year filled with warmth, love, and countless sloppy kisses. Without your involvement, our mission to provide a haven for senior and hard-to-home dogs in the chilly wilds of Alaska would not be pawsible. You've been the wind beneath our floppy ears, the treat dispenser of dreams, and the heroes behind every wagging tail and contented snooze. So, here's to you, the backbone of Grand Paws, the champions of canines, you are the reason our mission continues to thrive. Thanks for a spectacular 2023, and get ready because 2024 is bound to be a howling good time!


Sit, stay, support!

Help us make a pawsitive impact! Your donation to Grand Paws Retirement Acres supports our commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing sanctuary for dogs.




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