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Meet Dr. Llanes!

Dr. Llanes grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina where she earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Animal Science from North Carolina State University. During all 5 years of undergraduate and graduate coursework she worked at the university’s dairy farm.  Dr. Llanes also spent a summer on a commercial hog farm, a summer on a cow calf ranch in Montana, and spent a month in Haiti working with goat farmers. She became enthralled with animal agriculture and, through her thesis work on ovulation synchronization in goats, developed a special interest in reproductive sciences.


Looking for some adventure a little further from home she applied to veterinary school at Colorado State University and learned about the collaborative program with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. On a bit of a whim, she decided to make the big trek north, determined to try this crazy looking sport called skijoring with her sheep herding border collie. Although Gus the border collie wasn’t the biggest fan of pulling in harness, Dr. Llanes found herself drawn to the sport of dog mushing and the wild state of Alaska.


After finishing her final 2 years of vet school at the CSU campus, despite thoroughly enjoying the beautiful country that Colorado had to offer, Dr. Llanes and her partner decided to make the move back to Alaska. Dr. Llanes started Interior Mobile Vet with the hopes of bringing high quality, consistent and reliable veterinary care to the large animal communities of interior Alaska. Her vision is to work with producers to promote long term, sustainable farming and homesteading practices to promote animal agriculture in the state of Alaska.  Dr. Llanes also looks forward to working with dog mushers in the community to help them achieve whatever goals their kennel has and do so with a yard full of happy and healthy dogs. 


As a young, eager doctor she aspires to grow and learn with her community to better serve her patients and clients in their own unique ways. She looks forward to meeting her new patients and getting to know the humans that care for them!


Vision Statement

The vision of Interior Mobile Veterinary Services is to provide quality medical care for animals in the surrounding Fairbanks community while being recognized as a valuable care partner and medical advisor to farmers, mushers and pet owners.

Mission Statement

Interior Mobile Vet will focuses on excellent client communication, meticulous attention to detail and flexibility to provide high quality and personalized medical care to its clients and patients.


(919) 307-6893

Areas of Service

Fairbanks North Star Borough

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